Former Greek Ministers Attacked by Members of Far-Right Organization in Ukraine

oukrania-isuxos-balabaniA delegation of Greek left-wing politicians, including former ministers under the previous cabinet Nadia Valavani and Kostas Isichos, were attacked by members of a far-right organization in Ukraine on Wednesday, while visiting Odessa for talks with the city’s Greek community.

Speaking to the ANA-MPA, Valavani reported that the Greek delegation was followed and confronted by members of the far-right group, who demanded to know why they were in Ukraine. The delegation, which also included former MP Vassilis Hatzilambrou and journalist Aris Hatzistefanou, had to take refuge in a restaurant and seek the assistance of the consulate and Ukrainian police, she said.

“[They] said we were enemies of Ukraine,” Valavani told ANA-MPA, adding that this was the first time that a foreign delegation had been confronted in this way by far-right elements in Odessa. She said the harassment prevented a planned meeting with members of the Greek community in Ukraine and that the former ministers will return to Greece on Thursday.
(source: ana-mpa)


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