Two Germans Turn Greek Crisis into a Board Game

boardgame708Nikolai Diekerts, 28, and Julian Schärdel, 29, are friends and they share a common passion: board games. However, they are interested in finding new games that escape the mainstream board game market rules and promote their own ideas.

It appears that the economic crisis which struck Europe and particularly the southern countries, such as Greece in 2009, was a source of inspiration for the two German nationals. €uro crisis is a satirical board game about the economic and political developments in Europe over the last years.

According to the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, the two young men, along with three other friends, started participating in national board game championships four years ago, and they decided to create their own game, €urocrisis.

The game was first presented two years ago at a trade show in Essen, however, it has changed a lot since then, thanks to the advice and help that the creators received from several people. €uro Crisis is a tactical as well as a satirical game for 3-4 players who take on the roles of banks with the goal of enriching themselves at the expense of the struggling states.

Players can also borrow money from the European central bank just to lend it in another action to the struggling states. They get good interest rates, especially when the state is nearly broke, but there is always the possibility that a state might have to restructure its debts.

The countries participating in the board game are Spain, Ireland, Greece and France. The goal is for the players to make as many privatizations as possible and earn points. In the end, the player with the most points wins.