French Actress Calls on European Leaders to Leave Greece Alone

binoche-708Upon her arrival in Edinburgh, famous French actress Juliette Binoche called on European leaders to leave Greece alone for a while.

Specifically, the actress who is going to play Sophocles’ Antigone at the Edinburgh International Festival, expressed her support towards Greece and stressed that the country offers numerous cultural treasures to European culture.

Furthermore, according to the newspaper Herald Scotland, Binoche expressed her view that because of Greece’s cultural impact in Europe, its partners should forgive the country’s current economic woes.

The actress also noted that Greece’s current situation appears similar to the situation faced by the tragic heroes in Sophocles’ ancient tragedy, which was written in 441 BC. The ancient Greek’s works still remain as relevant as ever.

“Sophocles play is genius, the more we can show the play the better it is. The play is very political…my feeling, playing Sophocles, and having this heritage that is 2500 years ago, I think we should give Greece a break. They gave so much with their thinkers and genius and poets. I think we have to save Greece no matter what, because what they gave us is so immense,” she said.


  1. Leaving Greece alone was Schauble’s plan. Five years of being alone. The problem is that Greeks do not want to survive on their own. They want the rest of the EU to give them money so that they can live a comfortable lifestyle, one beyond their own means.

  2. Anyone that refers to all Greeks as a cabal like “they” is a in no position to lecture on ethics.


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