Greek Embassy: ‘Greece Has Contributed to the Bulgarian Economy’

greek-embassyThe Greek Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria, sent out an official statement pointing out Greece’s contribution to the Bulgarian economy, describing it as a country that strongly backed Bulgaria’s legitimate accession in the European Union.

Furthermore, the statement noted that Greece had significantly helped the Bulgarian economy grow through various investments amounting to 2.5 billion euros, while it also helped in providing 70,000 more jobs in Bulgaria.

Greece, with 2,500 students enrolled in Bulgarian universities, has invested in several infrastructure projects in Bulgaria, such as the Trakia motorway, as well as in equipment for oncological hospitals in Kardzhali, Vratsa and Smolyan.

The Greek Embassy’s statement correlated with the Bulgarian government’s decision to support Greece’s next loan. In fact, Bulgarian Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov noted that the country’s government would not delay Greece’s bridge loan in mid-July.

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov also noted that Bulgaria should be ready to offer help to Greece and support the country’s third bailout program. Not all Bulgarians view this decision positively, claiming that a poor country does not have to help a richer state stand back on its feet, however there are several people who believe that it is finally time for Bulgaria to show some solidarity to the rest of the European member-states.