Greek Solidarity Protesters Interrupt German Chancellor Merkel’s Speech [Video]

merkel-activistA group of Greeks interrupted German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s speech in Berlin on Saturday morning. The Greek solidarity activists entered the venue where the speech was taking place, shouting in Greek and holding homemade signs with the word “OXI” [NO].

At the time of the interruption, Merkel was preparing to make her speech in an event organized by her political party, the German Christian Democrats (CDU). The protesters holding the “OXI” signs were referring to the decision the Greek people have to make in Sunday’s referendum about the European leaders’ bailout program proposal.

In just a few minutes, security officers removed the protesters from the premises, while the German Chancellor responded: “In order to balance the situation once again, we say “NAI,” which means “Yes” in Greek,” she said and the crowd applauded.


  1. As I understand it, Tsipras is telling the citizens of Greece that if they vote “No” to the most recent proposal from the creditors for securing the bailout, he will have a stronger hand to force the creditors to agree to a more attractive proposal for Greece (with less austerity.) Can someone please confirm that? And if my understanding is incorrect, could someone tell me what Tspiras is saying to the Greek citizens? As far as I am aware, the bailout on which the proposal was based has already expired since 30 June; so presumably Tsipras is referring to the terms of a new bailout, with this referendum? Or is he referring to an extension of the deadline for the old bailout, which he expects to get from the creditors? And if so, do we know that the creditors are going to change their minds after declaring that 30 June was the deadline? And if there is a deal on the table, how exactly does the result of a referendum in the debtor state force the hand of its creditors? Could someone in the “No” camp please enlighten me, regarding these questions?