Greek Actress Participating in 37th Moscow International Film Festival

lullaby“Orlean,” a feature film by famous Russian director Andrey Proshkin and award-winning screenwriter Yuriy Arabov attracted much attention in Moscow, while the fact that a Greek actress stars in the film has made Greeks in the Russian capital proud.

A lullaby sang in the Greek language by actress Ellada Meshveliani gives its own spiritual dimension to the spectacular Russian film that was presented at the 37th Moscow International Film Festival.

Meshveliani plays a Greek woman in the film. “I had to talk in Russian for my role, but at some point during filming the director asked me to sing a lullaby in Greek, which was not included in the screenplay. He wanted to hear the Greek language and the lullaby is like a prayer, it touches the soul,” she said.

“I feel creative in Moscow,” she noted, stressing that she had a chance to work in Russia during the Greek financial crisis, which has been quite unexpected. “I had been living in Greece since I was seven but I was born in Georgia. I grew up and studied in Athens. My Russian is very limited and now that fate has made me face the Russian reality, I was able to enhance my skills,” she pointed out.

“I hope that our film will win a distinction at this year’s festival because the subject is modern and very ‘Russian.’ What will we do with our lives? And how will we remain human?” she added.

The thirty-year-old Greek actress has successfully launched her career in Moscow. She studied at Mary Vogiatzi-Tragka’s Drama School in Athens. After completing her studies, she performed in various theatrical scenes in Athens and other Greek cities.