Spanish Citizens Send Support Video to Greeks

video-spainSpanish citizens have decided to show their support toward Greeks and their struggles by organizing and shooting a video entitled “Auditamos Grecia.” They wanted to send a message: “You are not alone, we are all Greeks.”

In the video, Spanish citizens express their sympathy, noting that they are going to stand on the side of the Greek people.

Auditamos Grecia is a movement that keeps track of the Debt Control Committee. They organized the video shoot, where they held signs written in Greek: “From the squares, we want to send a message to Greek citizens. We know this is an important moment for you, that the difficulties you are facing are very hard. We know that institutions have failed you and the European Union has been acting in the interest of the financial elites,” they noted.

“We know that the Greek bailout was a scam that only served to save the banks. We know that a big part of your debt is illegitimate, unsustainable,” they added.

The citizens’ movement was founded in 2012 under the title “Platform for civil debt” and the group view themselves as citizens who take part in an organized effort toward finding a solution to the debt crisis in Spain and other EU member-states.