109 Greek Products Awarded at Brussels Taste Contest

greek-productsAn unexpectedly high number of Greek products were awarded this year during the 11th annual taste and quality award ceremony at the International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI), according to the Economic and Commercial Affairs Office of the Greek Embassy in Brussels.

ITQI is an international organization that cooperates with 16 international and national chef and sommelier federations -mainly from Europe and particularly from France, Britain, Greece, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey- as well as trans-European and international federations, such as Euro-Toques, World Master Chefs Society, Nordic Chefs Association and Associationde la Sommellerie Internationale.

The products are tested and approximately 60% are selected and awarded with distinctions of one, two or three stars, depending on the tasting results.

In total, 109 Greek products were awarded in 2015, whereas there were only 40 Greek products that received an award in 2014.


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