Greek Painter Varlamis Exhibition in Luxembourg

exhibition-luxembourgGreek architect, painter and professor Makis Varlamis presented his artistic collection on Luxembourg at the historic gallery Konschthaus beim Engel, at the invitation of the Luxembourg Ministry of Culture.

Twenty paintings centered on Luxembourg but also filled with the artist’s Greek light were presented in a new exhibition at the center of the Grand Duchy.

Makis Varlamis stated that he is very excited about the rock structures in Luxembourg. “The affinity between the urban structure masterpieces and the natural formations, presents a unique inspiration for me as an architect,” he said at the opening night event.

Luxembourg’s Culture Minister Maggy Nagel acknowledged the artist’s work as an exemplary harbinger of the forthcoming presidency of Luxembourg in the EU: “Art builds bridges between countries and cultures and there is no better example of the European idea, as when an artist born in Greece, who lives and works in Austria, paints pictures of Luxembourg.”

The participation of the Greek Culture Ministry despite the difficulties that the country faces at the moment brought joy to everyone, but mostly to the Greek Diaspora members that reside in Luxembourg.

The exhibition will be open to the public until May 24. It was organized by Luxembourg and Greece’s Ministries of Culture, in collaboration with the Experimental Laboratory of Vergina, the participation of the Greek Embassy in Luxembourg and the active support of the bustling Greek Community in Luxembourg, while it was curated by the Austrian Art Museum.