For British Travelers It Gets Cheaper to Visit Greece

german tourists in Greece
With prices on the Greek islands on a downward trend, The Mirror invited British travelers to take advantage of the pound’s strength against the euro and visit Greece.

Specifically, the drop in prices reaches 22% compared to last year in the all-inclusive holiday packages examined in the British report. Furthermore, the report made a special reference to the Greek islands of Corfu and Crete: tourists will be find low-price holiday packages to travel to these islands where they will be able to enjoy the Greek sun and sea.

Tourists looking to travel to Corfu will find all-inclusive packages for seven nights in five-star hotels starting from 407 euros, saving up to 49%.

Meanwhile, the timely launch of British Airways’ new route to Heraklion on Crete, will certainly benefit the area, providing special packages that are up to 14% cheaper than previous years. For example, a seven-night holiday package in a four-star hotel costs around 350 euros.