Professor Claims There Is Gold Under Hagia Sophia

hagia-sophiaNo matter how many years have passed, Hagia Sophia continues to surprise us. According to statements by Turkish Philosophy professor at the University of Istanbul Ferhat Aslan, everything you know about the church will change.

In an interview with Turkish newspaper Sabah, Aslan said that the Byzantines buried large quantities of gold and silver under the historic church.

The Philosophy professor spoke to the newspaper on the occasion of his new book release. He stated his belief that the columns inside Hagia Sophia are made from a rare material transferred from Mount Kafdağı, a mythical mountain for the Turks, much like Caucasus and, according to Turkish tradition, the mountain surrounds the whole world, a very typical symbolism for Hagia Sophia.

Furthermore, Aslan, who has worked on research involving Hagia Sophia for many years, claims that its foundations reach 70 meters below the ground, while the foundation contains large amounts of gold and silver. The reason that the Byzantines buried the precious gold and silver in the majestic temple’s foundation was to protect the church from disaster.

Moreover, Aslan argues that another temple can be found beneath Hagia Sophia. He claims it is an underground temple, also built by the Byzantines, and it still remains unknown to date. This latest revelation is expected to shake Istanbul.


  1. One day Constantinople will be free from the invaders the Turks, 500 years of occupation is enough, send them back to Turkmanistan where they originated!

  2. You have to wait a lot. Population of Istanbul is more than 15 million, which is greater than all Greece. You need to ask your bearded guy from Nazareth to help you.. Oh wait a second , he did not help when Ottoman soldiers took Greek women to their Sultan’s Harem 🙂

  3. I hate when Greeks use the ridiculous term “Byzantines” to describe our ancestors. The term Byzantine was never used by them and is even an insult in English.

    Use of word Byzantine was established a few centuries ago as subtle method for Germans to claim their own Holy Roman Empire as the “real” Roman empire versus our Roman empire. The funny thing is neither was really a Roman empire. They were German and Greek more than anything.

  4. Whose gold is then? Modern Turks? I seem to recall the Ottomans invaded Constantinople, committed pogrom after pogrom against Greeks and stole Greece’s holiest church.

  5. How noble of you. You support raping of woman and violent invasion of someone else’s homeland.

  6. Hard to chill out with so many Turks trolling this website making “jokes” about Greeks

    Is Ayia Sophia, orthodox Christianity’s holiest church, Turkish property? A mosque perhaps? Or something that was stolen through force and oppression and never returned to rightful owner? Someone with actual ethics wouldn’t try to whitewash what actually happened. The Germans and Japanese had the integrity to take moral responsibility for crimes of their nations during WW2. I don’t think most Turks are interested in doing same for Ottoman crimes. They want to claim a relationship to Ottomans, without dealing with massive atrocities Ottomans committed.

    I originally had no animosity to Turkey whatsoever. My attitude was lets not generate new wars for sake of past ones. Unfortunately the consistent antihellenic behavior I’ve seen by the current Turkish government over Skopje issue, the military provocations in the Aegean, along with many Islamic extremists that voted for Erdogan.. has made me distrust Turkey.

    What happened to moderation and secularism in Turkey? Seems to be slowly turning into yet another ISIS. I feel sorry only for democratic and science oriented Turkish seculars that strongly oppose current regime. The rest I mostly feel a strong sense of hostility towards.

    (and by no means am I saying Greece is perfect either. In practice I criticize Greeks far more than I do Turks)

  7. Turks can first start by getting out of Cyprus, once again in 1974 Turks committed genocide in the north side of Cyprus! Where is justice for Cyprus!?

  8. Not really actually, though this government is quite islamic there are more Turks becoming atheists. The Skopje issue, well everybody calls it macedonia right now, but everybody knows that the ancient Macedonians were ethnic Greeks.

    The military provocations, well thats basicly the 4th army who wants to play with its Greek counterparts, nothinh very special so.

  9. “though this government is quite islamic there are more Turks becoming atheists.”

    I’m not religious myself and you actually sound mostly rational when it comes to religion but your narrative about what’;s going on in Turkey doesn’t match the vote of the Turkish electorate (which has become far more religious not less so).

    Fanatic Erdogan, and by extension the majority of Turkey who voted for a fanatic are clearly trying to make Turkey an Islamic state. Its not too bad now but if his Islamification policies continue somewhere down the road Turkey is going to revert back to a theocratic state (ala Taliban, ISIS, Saudi Arabia, et al)

    “well everybody calls it macedonia right now, but everybody knows that the ancient Macedonians were ethnic Greeks”

    Exactly. Which is why no one should be calling Skopje Macedonia when they very well know Macedonia is in Greece and that the issue is not just about a name. The Skopians are using the name to attempt to usurp the very identity of Greeks and use it to promote irredentism against Greece. Its a subtle form of ethnic cleansing — which the current Turkish government wildly supports.

    I actually used not be hostile to Turkey. We can’t hate one another forever over past misdeeds. However when Turkish government attempts to casually erase Greeks once again… we are talking present misdeeds. I don’t consider all Turks bad people but as far as I’m concerned at the moment we are in an undeclared state of war due to the provocations of Turkey’s administration.

  10. not really since their economic freedom has increased the standard of living which on his turn has increased the amount of atheists. Erdogan his efforts wont be able to do much since even his electorate loves alcohol too much.

    I think you widely exagarate, just chill out man hahahaha

    Well dont worry, a war between Greece and Turkey is very unlikely, infact i support the idea of helleno turkism.

  11. You are making the mistake of projecting your personal circles with entire Turkey. The vote of the Turkish electorate says a far different picture of what’s going on then you imagine. You greatly underestimate the danger of mixing religion and state.

    The US and Israel haven’t been dumb enough to teach religion as factual in their public schools but even both of them are in danger of eventually destroying themselves (If the ultra orthodox continue to outbreed the Jewish secular and far right christian crazies in US continue to grow). It wouldn’t be the first time in history that civilization declined because of religion.

    Ancient Greece and Rome went into decline precisely because of early fundamentalist Christian ideology. Some secular thinkers like Dawkins, Hitches, and Harris argue religious extremism may now even pose an existential threat to humanity.

    There was a reason why Atatürk militantly opposed religion and state. If you look at pictures of places like Iran and Afghanistan back in the 60s… they were largely secular. What did them in is changing their government policies to integrate Islam into their daily lives. The same has happened in Iraq after fall of secular Saddam (which now ISIS to deal with) Syria also now has a problem with Islamic extremism. Yemen. Palestine. Pakistan. . Libya. Islamification is spreading not decreasing. It’s at your doorstep right now.

    The shift towards Islam in the current Turkish government is going to have a major effect as next generation grows up with it. Mark my words, You are going to be fighting amongst yourselves over Islam’s place in Turkish society within the decade just as other Islamic countries are now doing. Your current government’s trajectory is Islamification.

  12. “i support the idea of helleno turkism.”

    I’m not against friendship with Turkey in principle but friendship has to be between compatible partner and with actions not words. For as long as I see Turkey calling Skopje “Macedonia” and encouraging Islam and state, I simply can’t trust Turkey. You personally might not harbour resentment towards Greeks but large numbers of Turks are trying to delete us (including your government)

    I have have met many nice Turkish people that can’t stand their current government but unfortunately the majority of Turkish people support it.

  13. During my visits over the years to Istanbul I have been shown tunnels that – it is claimed – lead from various places – like the Pantokrator Monastery (Zeyrek) – direct to Hagia Sophia. We explored a couple of these tunnels that were very spooky. Below ground is riddled with passages, cisterns, channels. Local people create stories like this of treasures beneath buildings. A huge diamond was once found at the site of the old Blachernae Palace. I am sure there are amazing archeological treasures beneath Hagia Sophia, but this is just a fun fairytale. BTW I just uploaded a new version of my website on then Mosaics of Hagia Sophia and the Deesis.