Albania: Omonoia’s Notice on Greek Language

greece-albaniaThe Democratic Union of the Greek Minority, Omonoia, appealed to the Albanian government to pass the law on minorities which will clearly provide for the use of each minority’s mother tongue.

The organization made an official notice on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day, where it stressed that even though the Albanian state had committed by signing international conventions on the protection of minority languages, the use of minorities’ mother tongues does not conform to the conventions but in several occasions it is prosecuted directly or via the state’s connivance. In fact Omonoia stated that the persecution peaked with the tragic incident of August 12, 2010 when Greek minority member Aristotelis Goumas was murdered in Himare.

Greek shopkeeper Aristotelis Goumas was hit by a car driven by three Albanian men from Vlore. According to eyewitnesses the death occurred after an altercation in Goumas’ store, when the three men demanded that Goumas not speak to them in Greek in his own store, which Goumas refused. The suspects reportedly drove over the victim at least twice to make sure he was dead.

The death sent shockwaves through the ethnic Greek community of Albania, and demonstrators blocked the main highway from Vlore to Sarande, which passes through the region. The event was reported by all major news outlets in both countries, and was strongly condemned by both the Greek and Albanian governments.

Omonoia also noted in its notice that Greek language teaching is very limited in Greek minority education, while it is almost non-existent in the country’s public administration. The few public signs in Greek have been painted or smudged for years “to remind us of the wild environment in which they survive,” concluded the statement.


  1. if the Greeks in Albania don’t like it just like the tell the Albanians in Greece go back to where u came from bunch of Greek fags Nazi racist nation teaching us Albanians what we must do this must be a joke lol

  2. As a Greek I have to agree with Nick Shqiri. I mean I am Arvanite and I speak Albanian Arvanitika why am I not given rights to learn my mother tongue in Greece? Greece is very racist towards minorities so I am not sure why Greeks expect a lot from Albania. Greeks have normal rights in Albania and that’s all there needs to be, not minority rights JUST NORMAL RIGHTS.

  3. So albanians talk about epirus here epirus there .What word epirus mean and the opposite word apiros .Cain you tell me? Have you that words in albanian tongue? For sure it was and is greek soil! What about Argyrocastro ,and so many cities with greek names.What about the the old greek cities you discover ? Albanians always try to damage neighbours countrys but you are pussys.Twice you loose a war against greece and without the help from italy and austria,albania should not exist

  4. Not all of them! I remember my father givin a job to albanian man. He and hes albanian wife wor living in greece back in 80s.(Thesprotia region )He was spoke litle greek and everythink was fine.But what about now days ?Albanians come to greek side in epirus and rob our lamps,goats, kill and rob oldery greek people and then they wonder why greeks hate them so much.Every week is something happen with albanians.What about albanian mob? The coin have 2 sides my friend.

  5. John – please don’t talk about any “lost” wars from Albanians. Greeks know very well that Albanians ran northern Greece up until very recently and I think that’s where all this hatred comes from. And to this day greeks are still terrified of Albanians….just taking a walk in the streets of Athens or talking to ordinary greeks you’ll quickly realize that. If greeks want all these rights for their minorities they should start with giving Albanians their rights in Greece….I mean all of northern Greece had a huge Albanian population and all evidence of that is systematically erased by Greece. When you stop giving all Albanians greek names…..maybe your minorities will start to get their voice heard.

  6. Please use facts. Terrified of Albanians?? That’s a good joke.. I’m not Greek but, you make me laugh. Were the Serbs terrified when they were easily defeating you and you needed Israel and America to save you? Were the Turks terrified when you guys got down on your knees and converted to Islam? I didn’t see the Greeks bow their heads and convert.

    The only thing the Greeks and other Europeans are afraid of is their own politicians and police who works against them. It’s the police and politicians who protect you. Never forget that..

  7. Greeks bowed down also moron just not changed there religion difference go read lord Byron book about Albanians then come and talk to us


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