Albania: ‘Omonoia’ Elects New President

pappas-omonoiaAs of yesterday, January 11, 2015 Leonidas Pappas is the new President of the Greek minority organization Omonoia in Albania.

During the organization conference in Saranda, Albania, the 41-year-old Leonidas Pappas, a civil engineer, was elected president, with 190 votes against the 28-year-old Vasilis Kagios who is also a civil engineer. Yesterday marked the second round of elections for Omonoia’s new President.

The first round was held on December 14, 2014. Leonidas Pappas will be taking over for Vasilis Bolanos, former mayor of Himara. After his election, Pappas stressed that there are no losers, just winners, in an attempt to unify the organization members.

Omonoia is a Greek social, political and cultural organization in Albania that promotes minority rights for the Greek minority in the south of the country.

The organization was founded in 1991, after the authoritarian regime collapse, in the village of Dervican, by representatives of the Greek national minority. It called for the autonomy of Northern Epirus in 1991 on the basis that the rights provided for the minority under the Albanian constitution were highly precarious. This proposal was rejected and thereby spurred the organization’s radical wing to call for Union with Greece.


  1. Congratulations. May Omonoia actually do something positive amongst the relative people of Greeks and Albanians, and promote unity and dialogue with Albania’s heavily pro-Greek government. Bollano was a problem and lets hope his successor is anything but that. May we unite as our ancestors were.


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