Greek-Cypriot Develops Virtual Reality Project

Project AnywhereGreek-Cypriot Constantinos Miltiadis graduated from the National Technical University of Athens School of Architecture in 2012, while in December he presented his thesis entitled “Project Anywhere” at ETH in Zurich.

“Project Anywhere” is based on the Oculus Rift mentality. It combines the technology of a virtual reality headset, “Inteligloves” and Kinect sensors. “I was always interested in these kind of interfaces, trying to expand our capacity through technology,” said Constantinos during his thesis presentation.

Constantinos had the chance to try Oculus Rift and he was amazed by how easily you can “get lost” in the virtual reality world. However, that was not enough for him. What he tried to develop was a way for people to virtually be present anywhere in the world.

“Project Anywhere is an intention to breach the limits of physical human presence, by replacing kinaesthetic, visual and auditory with artificial sensory experiences, in a fully interactive virtual environment,” he wrote about his project.

The mask he created can connect with a smartphone. Then the Kinect sensors create a virtual body, while the gloves recreate the person’s hand movement. Both devices are connected to a computer which sends the data to an app in the phone, in real time.

According to Constantinos, “Project Anywhere” may not be the best choice for gamers, since it essentially is a reality simulator, however he believes that it will have thousands of other applications. For example, it can be used in group Skype calls so that it appears as if the participants are present in the same rooms, or in virtual museums where people will be able to interact with the exhibits.