Dimitris Tzanis: Life in Black and White Through the Eyes of a Greek World Wanderer

Dimitris-Tzanis“Life is that fraction of a second where the past meets the future in black and white eternity. The basic idea for me is life untouched, unprocessed. My photography is like that.”

Dimitris Tzanis is a film maker who quit his previous well-paid life in order to obtain a new one, through walking the unknown…

His love for the mountains has taken him to Zurich, his base city from where he pulls his inspiration and generates ideas that travel to other side of the world.

Dimitris shoots exclusively in Black and White, capturing and revealing the hidden details of everyday life and people’s emotions.

His work will be exhibited in two exhibitions across the globe:

Photo 15, the largest exhibition of Swiss photography where every year more than 120 national and some international photographers show their work.
Photo 15 will take place from January 9-13 2015, in Zurich.

Black and White Shades, where artists of all kind address the challenge of creation in Black and White.
Black and White Shades will take place January 11- February 20 2015, in Santa Barbara, USA.