Greek Prefectures Among Most Aged in Europe

elderlyAccording to data released from Eurostat, the Greek prefectures of Evrytania, Grevena, Arta and Serres are among the 10 European prefectures with the highest percentage of elderly over 65 years old for 2013.

Evrytania, in central Greece, with the elderly reaching 32.2% is placed second following the region of Pinhal Interior Sul in Portugal with 32.4%. Grevena comes sixth with 28.5%, followed by the prefectures of Serres and Arta with 28%.

According to Eurostat, the highest percentage of elderly (over 65) is recorded in Portugal, Greece and Spain, while the youngest (under 15) is recorded in parts of Ireland (Mid-East , Midland, Border and South-East) and France (Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-d’Oise).

For the EU28 as a whole in 2013, younger people represent 15.6% of the total population and the elderly stand at 18.2%.