Germany: Greek Makes Best Manager of the Year

managerVirginia Green, head of the German company ENCOS GmbH, has just been declared Germany’s
“Manager of the Year.” Born “Giovanoudi” in the northern Greek city of Didymoteicho, the Greek manager was awarded by the international certification company TUV NORD.

Green has specialized knowledge of chemical manufacturing processes and oversees over 150 scientists and engineers. Her colleagues describe her as ambitious, flexible and smart.

ENCOS is a company that specializes in the design and construction of chemical manufacturing plants and facilities. Health and safety and the protection of the environment are the stated priorities of the company, which is considered a worldwide leader in its field. ENCOS GmbH currently has branches in Frankfurt, Greifswald, Thessaloniki and a smaller office in Athens that is quickly developing.

Green believes that the key to success is hard work, not one’s gender or appearance. Concerning young people who leave Greece because of the crisis, she notes that this is not the only solution. She advises young Greeks to develop their ideas and start their own businesses, using available EU funds.

This is not the first award Green has collected in her storied career. She has been consistently elected a member of the General Assembly of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, where she is also president of the working group for new technologies.