Austrian Band Covers Popular Greek Song “Petroperdika”

psarantonis“The Ash,” a famous Austrian metal band, has just released an impressive cover of “Petroperdika,” a popular Greek song by Antonis Xulouris, nicknamed “Psarantonis.” The song, “Tha anevo ston ourano,” means “I Will Rise to the Sky.” Its music was written by Psarantonis and its lyrics by Ilias Vasilaras.

Antonis Xylouris is a Greek composer, singer and performer of lyra, the bowed string instrument indigenous to Crete. He comes from the mountainous village of Anogeia in Crete and is the younger brother of the late Nikos Xylouris, a notable Cretan singer/musician and the older brother of Yiannis Xylouris, an equally beloved Cretan musician. Psarantonis is known for the special timbre of his voice and his lyra playing style. He first played the lyre at the age of 13 and recorded his first single in 1964, titled “I Thought of Denying You.” Since then, he has released many recordings and has represented Greece dozens of times in international festivals.

The Austrian band “The Ash” was founded in 2010 by vocalist Andy Somogyi and guitarist Oliver Poidinger. Both have their musical origins in successful local bands. Initially, “The Ash” focused on performing high quality cover versions of classic rock songs. They claim that it was easier to get booked for events in their local bar this way. Earning great reputations with their former rock bands, the members of “The Ash” were able to get booked for shows before they even started to rehearse as a group. Meanwhile, having raised enough money for an EP production after the open air season, the band has started to write its own, original material.