Turkey: Ancient Greek Theater Found in Magarsos

ancient-greek-theater-turkeyArchaeologists have unearthed the glorious amphitheater of the ancient Greek city of Magarsos (currently named Kataras) in Turkey.

The ancient theater is located in the southern province of Adana, while Magarsos is one of the ancient Greek cities that was not able to “steal” some of the glamor of the respective cities bordering the western Mediterranean or Aegean Sea.

According to Turkish newspaper “Hürriyet,” the beautiful amphitheater can host up to 3,000 people and, so far, more than half has been brought to light by archaeologists who have removed the soil that was covering it. Local authorities intend to use it for cultural events, 2,500 years after its construction, as they did with another ancient Greek theater found in Aspendos, west of Antalya.