Greek Drag Bike Racer Miraculously Escapes Injury

Filippos PapafilippouGreek drag bike racer Filippos Papafilippou has miraculously escaped injury after colliding with his opponent at more than 200 km/h during a race.

Greece’s racer was competing at a European Drag Bike quarter mile racing event in Bedfordshire, England, when things took a turn for the worst.

As he was hurtling down the track, he appeared to clip a lane divider before crashing into rival racer Steve Woollat’s motorcycle.

The collision flipped Papafilippou from his bike, but, miraculously, he landed perfectly on the wheelie bar attached to the back of Woollat’s bike, and the Englishman managed to complete the quarter mile without crashing.

Papafilippou suffered a minor ankle injury but his bike wasn’t so lucky, sliding on its side down the Santa Pod Raceway track.

The wheelie bar is designed to prevent a motorcycle from flipping at high speed but in the case of Papafilippou, it may have saved his life.


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