Couples Who Want to Have Children Choose Greece

babyGreece has become a pole of attraction not only for tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful beaches and picturesque Greek islands but also for those who dream of having a child, says «La Libre Belgique» newspaper in a tribute to surrogate motherhood.

The Belgian newspaper notes that due to the crisis, Greece is expected to attract, apart from the traditional visitors, tourists interested in assisted reproduction.

The article notes that a Greek law passed this summer removes several restrictions related to surrogate motherhood. For example the couple and the surrogate mother are no longer required to live in the same country.

Attorney Takis Vidalis, advisor to the National Bioethics Committee, claims that the new law will lead to many foreigners choosing Greece to have a baby.

According to the article, Greece is already one of the favorite destinations among couples who resort to in vitro fertilization due to the legislation, which during the last twelve years allows access to various methods of assisted reproduction.