BBC Attempts to Rewrite Ancient Greek History!


BBC published a not so flattering article regarding ancient Greek legends. The article’s author, Armand d’Angour, associate professor of classics at the University of Oxford, raises a series of questions and attempts to clarify if all of the ancient Greek legends are actually true or if they are myths, a figment of Greeks’ colorful imagination. The article seems as an unsuccessful attempt to devalue the significance of Greek culture and the contribution of ancient Greeks to modern civilization.

“What was the origin of some of these ideas?” wonders d’Angour, who gave his own interpretation to some of these questions.

“Was there ever really a Trojan Horse?”
According to the writer, even though archaeologists have proven that Troy was indeed burnt down, there is no significant evidence regarding the existence of the wooden horse that Greeks used to hide and pass the city gates. It was probably an “imaginative fable, perhaps inspired by the way ancient siege-engines were clothed with damp horse-hides to stop them being set alight by fire arrows.”

“Homer is one of the great poets of ancient Greek legends. Did he actually exist?”
The article claims that Homer may in fact have never existed. His greatest works, Iliad and Odyssey were both composed orally under his name, but even though ancient Greeks were certain that he was the one who recited them, there is no actual way of knowing if that was the case.

“Did Pythagoras invent the Pythagorean theorem? Or did he copy his study from someone else?”
Even though schoolchildren around the world are taught the Pythagorean theorem during math class, d’Angour believes that the Babylonians had been using the theorem for centuries before Pythagoras even mentioned it.

“Was Alexander the Great really that great?”
Alexander may have been given the title “Great” but according to the article his character was far from that. In fact, the Oxford professor claims that he was a heavy drinker, a megalomaniac, paranoid, short man with a “rasping voice and impulsive temper” which even led him to kill one of his closest associates, Cleitus.

The full article can be found here.


  1. So should one just blindly accept ancient history?

    Would the author of this article kindly step forward? I have a bone to pick with him/her.

  2. Hellas has a history that no other civilization has while others invent history for they haven’t got a bit of it.

  3. Another Anti Hellinic Oxford zombie with a study on nothing. Epic Fail and Sooo Boooring..Maybe a blue collar job beckons.Done me no harm and atleast i contribute to society…NEXT..

  4. I don’t get that impression at all from reading the article – bearing in mind what is said in the very first paragraph. Perhaps the author of this article should reread the BBC article and try to give a less emotional and a more reasoned response

  5. I say ban the BBC from Greece.The British always hated Greece.Is it antagonism? Yes. Is it envy yes.Well i say no matter what you do to alter the history of the Greeks you will be the looser.As for the BBC they will do anything to gain viewers.Well i say to our very good British friends and their failing BBC SOUR GRAPES pals.Even in our time of crisis we will always be more noble than you.

  6. Anti-Hellenic? He *studies* ancient Greek literature and culture, it’s his job, how on earth can he be “anti-Hellenic”? If he were really “attempt[ing] to devalue the significance of Greek culture and the contribution of ancient Greeks to modern civilisation” he wouldn’t be studying it and teaching it day in, day out, surely?

    Incidentally, it isn’t just D’Angour’s fanciful idea that Homer may not have been a single individual or that Alexander could occasionally be a bloodthirsty lunatic. Both of these were first suggested by the ancient Greeks themselves, and have been discussed in modern scholarship (as in, by people who actually study things before talking about them) for centuries.

    Perhaps the author might wish to do some serious study before dismissing D’Angour’s claims just because, hey, she doesn’t believe them.

  7. No-one is doubting it, least of all those who (like me and like D’Angour) study it as their job. But surely studying doesn’t mean taking legends as facts? One can appreciate the enormous cultural contributions of Greece and the beauty of its literature without necessarily believing that Zeus and Athena are real.

  8. D’Angour is an ambitious man who tries to make an academic name.I have a feeling that the Greeks are starting an international campaign to recover their stolen property from the thieving crooks of the British museum and the smearing campaign very British characteristic has started.The BM fools no one.I repeat again Sour grapes.While the Greeks were building parthenons creating democracy studying mathematics watching theater your primitive ancestors were throwing rocks at random and creating primitive structures.Indeed you did not even have a language of your own till a few centuries ago while ours survived for over 4000 years.Why don’t you try to study your history for a change.

  9. The valid grievances the Greeks have against British academia lose a bit of their luster, with every bone-headed article like this. D’Angour’s article was fine. The reaction to it is retarded, and an embarrassment to Greeks everywhere.

  10. There were as real to the ancient Greeks as the religions of today.But this idiot D’Angour is a modern crook who tries to establish his academic career on croockery.I did not see any international support by academics to his loony claims.As for the BBC i advise them to concentrate a little more on finding new ways to cover it’s former pedophiles and a little less with finding ways to change the Greek history by showing rubbish theories.

  11. You are a British Zombie Yes the Greeks look down on someBritish academics because is biased anti Hellenic and has ulterior motives Especially the one’s that financed by the thieving British museum.IInstead of lowering your head in shame you are insisting on smears against the country which you copied all the way from the beginning of your existence

  12. No one said that you should take legends as facts.But your whole theory is based in evy and spite.And most of the International academia including the British ignored you.Because your claims are utter rubish Brit.

  13. It’s interesting how you assume that I am British and have ‘sour grapes’ towards Greece. I am not British, and I am very well aware of the treasures of ancient Greek civilisation, which I know quite well having studied it at a professional level for exactly a decade now. (Perhaps doing the same could do you some good.)

    I restate my questions. In what way is studying and teaching ancient Greek culture a ‘smearing campaign’? How can you suggest that not believing legends equate to being ‘anti-Hellenic’? Do you believe in Zeus, Ali?

  14. British academia? British trash you mean to say. That is if you include D’Angour among the academics.Apparently all the real academics they consider D’Angour’s theories so stupid and biased they didn’t even bother to spend a few minutes on him.D’Angour wants a name badly he would go to any lengths to achieve it.The real problem is that the real academics put his name in the basket of useless trash.

  15. People from North Pakistan try to rewrite Greek history? Try to rewrite yours, full of murder, slavery and barbarism, first. Go and flood Spanish cities instead turning ours to shitty party trash islands. Nobody likes you in the world.

    Free Scotland. If not 2014, than after the muslims will take over you pigs. Even uglier than the Germans.

  16. Frankly i don’t give a hoot about your nationality.But you claim you are an expert in Greek history.If that was true you should have known that an important part of Greek education is it’s history.We study history from the age of 7 to 18.I am very aware that Athena and Dias did not really exist.But they were as real to the ancient Greeks as real is Christianity today.But is not them that i disputed in the claims of of D’Angour.That Alexander was a short drunken lout and the rest.Maybe that low class academic and perhaps you who obviously support him so ardently can you produce some evidence and less fiction. And no i do not believe in Zeus but i do believe that the ancient deities influenced the culture the destiny and the history of this wonderful ancient nation that you love to slush in a cheap British way.And since you studied as you claim the achievements of this ancient race you should be eternally grateful to them for civilizing you. Good day Mr Brit.

  17. “Maybe that low class academic and perhaps you who obviously support him so ardently can you produce some evidence and less fiction.”

    May I suggest you read Arrian and Plutarch, for a start? Or are they too Romanized (oh those barbarians!) for your taste?

  18. and the evidence towards your view is solid. Their opposition to eleftheria/ freedom. When independence came their demanding that the new nation follow their bidding. Their imposing their own choice of King against the wishes of the Hellenic (Greek) people. The theft of the Parthenon pieces and other great artifacts, and the lies by people such as Tony Blair about returning them. The stealing of half of Thrace and half of Epirus from the nation and giving them to other nations. The bribes offered re Cyprus if the nation entered WW1 early. The verbal abuse and the “boots” over AThens at the end of WW2… and there is soooooo much more