Gerontopoulos Meets Diaspora Greeks in Romania


The Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Akis Gerontopoulos — responsible for the department of the Hellenic Diaspora — traveled to Romania to attend the South-East Europe Summit and visited the Greek communities of Brasov and Ploesti.

Akis Gerontopoulos, alongside the Diaspora Member of the Parliament Dragos Zisopoulos, who is also the President of the Ploesti community, met the Greek community to answer questions and discuss their problems and requests. He also thanked them for their contribution to Greece throughout history.

“I know Greece is in your heart and in your soul and that you do everything in your power to maintain our language, our cultural heritage and traditional customs, as well as our religion. I am also glad you have managed to attract many Romanians in Greek communities and teach them our language and culture,” said the Deputy Minister.

In addition, Akis Gerontopoulos was invited by the University Dean and Senate to visit Ploesti University, which specializes in oil studies. During his visit, he was informed about the University’s goals and operation plans.