Argonautic Expedition Revives in Slovenia

argo-660Argo and the story of Jason is more than an ancient Greek myth for the residents of Vrhnika in Slovenia. Their emblem is the famous ship of the Argonautic expedition and they are strongly connected with ancient Greece. So they celebrate with an annual festival the mythical journey of  Jason that passed through their land.

According to the myth of the region, the Argonauts returning from Kolchida arrived at Danube’s sources in the city of Vrhnika, where they stayed for a whole winter.

Slovenians believe that they are descendants of Jason and that Argo is the emblem of Vrhnika for at least five centuries.

Recites of Pindar’s works in Greek by Slovenians wearing chlamyses, Greek traditional dances, as well as theatrical performances, concerts are some of the activities included in the festival.

The celebration events organized by a local cultural foundation started on June 11 and will continue until the 22nd.