Albania: Omonoia Seeking Union of Himara and Loukovo

omonoia_albaniaThe Democratic Union of the Greek minority, “Omonoia” has expressed with an official announcement, its opposition to the proposed administrative division in the region of Himara, Albania.

Omonia” has proposed the union of Himara and the region of Loukovo and will intensify its efforts to achieve this goal by updating European and international actors. The president of  “Omonoia,” Vasil Bollano has already informed the Albanian government and international bodies.

During a recent meeting of the board of “Omonoia” where the issue of the administrative division was discussed, there were complaints about rigged courts and falsified data that steal the properties of the Greek community and Church. The board decided to inform the competent international organizations on the issue.


  1. Bollano is perhaps the most idiotic Greek politician in Albania. Most Albanian Greeks don’t support Omonoia nowadays, but instead support the KEAD party which has both Greeks and Albanians and works for the true betterment of Greeks in Albania and relations between the cousin nations. If Bollano actually knew what he was talking about he wouldn’t be so Albanophobic in Albania, where he is from. He would aim to create unbreakable bonds by two people (Greeks and Albanians) who share a same kinship. Though I agree with the fact the Territorial Reform Bill is proving to be difficult to digest for many Albanians, not just Bollano’s Greeks, trying to cause your own division and tension is not the way to go about addressing this. Edi Rama who himself is part Greek will surely be open to discussion yet Bollano once again acts like the Saviour of the Greek Minority; of which he is not. This has nothing to do with Himara or Lukovë or the Greeks of Albania, but Bollano himself.

  2. I think all Albanian people that call them self Greek should go back to Greece. I also hope all Albanian in Greece return in Albania. It is better be poor and free in Albania rather slave in Greece. Greece should give back land and property of cham Albanians.
    I dont know how you can Greece be EU when greek beat Albanians and took their lands in 1944. Greece should recognize their minorities. EU does not talk about. I guess this is democracy.


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