German Spiegel Praises Greek Prosecutors

Greek prosecutorsThe German magazine, Der Spiegel made a tribute to the Greek female prosecutors Popi Papandreou, Eleni Raikou and Euterpe Goutzamanis for their services.

A recent article in the German magazine ranked Popi Papandreou and Eleni Raikou among the new brave researchers who fight corruption in Greece. Popi Panandreou is described as a “star in the sky of justice” who is not afraid to confront strong businessman and powerful people.

Popi Papandreou is the right hand of the 52 year-old Eleni Raikou, the Chief Prosecutor for Corruption, states the article. The two women are leading from June last year, a newly formed group that hunts corruption and tax evasion.

The article is also referring to Eutepre Goutzamanis, the first female Prosecutor of the Supreme Court in Greece, who is currently handling all corruption cases.

Citing their most notorious cases  the German magazine mentioned the case of the former minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos, the former Hellenic Postbank CEO, Angelos Filippidis who was accused of money laundering and fraud against the Greek state and Golden Dawn.

Spiegel concluded that corruption in Greece is male dominated as the majority of defendants that squander public money or tax evade, are men. Finally, the magazine questioned if these three female prosecutors could be the new hope for a more equitable country.


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