Greece’s Top Visitors for Summer 2014

Tourists in Greek beach

The economic crisis seems to be affecting people’s vacation decisions, thus constantly changing the expectations of tourism flow in Greece this summer. However, according to, tourists arriving from Germany, Russia, France and Britain, will largely determine the performance of Greek tourism flow for the summer of 2014.

The official figures for bookings and arrivals are changing on a daily basis. Last year’s record arrivals from Russia are now 30% down, however the Russians are still an important asset for Greek tourism. Bookings from France have also shown a considerable decrease since last year (31.7%). On the other hand, bookings from Germany have shown a promising increase of 4.5%, while 35.9% more tourists from the U.K. are expected to visit Greece this year.

Even though the summer is approaching, the constant changes of the data cannot provide a clear image of this year’s tourism market. After a dynamic start for, bookings in early 2014, the figures are now decreasing. In March bookings increased by only 2% and in April a downfall of 11% in bookings for May, June and the autumn was recorded. On the contrary, despite the decreasing rates recorded for the other months, there is a 22% increase in bookings for the key tourist month of August.