Anglo-Cypriot Professor a Finalist at European Inventor Awards


The European Inventor Awards are annually presented by the European Patent Office to inventors with innovative ideas from all technological fields. The awards are presented in six categories: industry, non-European countries, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), research, popular prize and lifetime achievement. This year’s ceremony will be held on June 17, in Berlin, Germany.

Mr. Christofer Toumazou, a British Cypriot professor, is competing in the category of research and has made it to the finals, with his idea of a USB-mounted tool that could decode one’s DNA within a few minutes. Its worth to the medical community is immense, since it will enable doctors to identify genetic mutations, responsible for certain hereditary diseases.

Professor Toumazou was born in the UK by Cypriot parents. As he admits, he and his family feel deeply connected to their homeland. The youngest-ever professor at the prestigious Imperial College London, he has been an inspiration to many Cypriot students, to whom he has often been a mentor. Before turning to medical technology, he worked as a technical engineer.

People are invited to visit the European Patent Office’s official webpage to vote for their favorite inventor and select the winner of the popular prize from among the finalists.



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