Paintings of Greece by Serbian Artists


An exhibition of paintings titled Greece in the consciences and hearts of Serbian painters, by art historian Nikola Kusovac, was opened in the large gallery of the Serbian Armed Forces Club.

The exhibition, which coincides with the Greek EU presidency, will feature 42 works of art from private collections, authored by the most significant contemporary Serbian painters.

The artists, who created their works in the wake of World War II, inspired by the history, culture and beauty of friendly Greece, include Pedja Milosavljevic, Ljubica Cuca Sokic, Aleksandar Lukovic Lukijan, Stojan Celic, Milic od Macve, Momo Kapor, Branko Miljus, Ljuba Popovic and others.
The exhibition, which will last until May 10, was opened by Greek Ambassador Konstantinos Ikonomidis.
(source: ANSA)