2014 Greek Almanac Published in Istanbul


Over the years, the Greek nation has acquired many names; Hellenes, the Latin Graeci (Greeks), the Turkish Yunan. By late Antiquity, the Greeks referred to themselves as Graikoi (Greeks) and Rhomaioi/Romioi (Romans), which was used since virtually all Greeks were Roman citizens after 212 BC.

Now, Istanbul-based Istos publishing house is publishing the “Roman Almanac 2014“, the word ‘Roman’ being used in the sense of ‘Greek’, aspiring to become the imaginary meeting point of all the Romioi (i.e. the Greeks) around the world and to raise fruitful reflection on the issues concerning Hellenism in Istanbul and beyond.

The Roman Almanac is an annual record of the past year, and derives, refers and is dedicated to the Romioi/Greeks not only of Istanbul, but also around the world.

The publishing of the almanac is a custom with great symbolism and value, with roots dating way back. The yearbooks have always helped to preserve, summarize and strengthen the collective memory of the Greeks.

The new volume, edited by Tsoukatos Publications, continues the work started last year with the “Roman Almanac 2013” and aim to extend the legacy of past yearbooks, adjusted to meet the needs of today’s Greek community. In more than 400 pages, the new 2014 yearbook features articles about the Greek diaspora, and includes an index with demographic data, social events, literary and historical texts, news of the Greek schools overseas etc. It also includes a CD of music by Galata Spirit.