Rhodes, the Austrian’s Top Vacation Choice


The Greek island of Rhodes seems to be the top choice vacation spot for Austrian travelers, after a very high number of bookings were reported by tourist operators. In fact, a promotional event for the Greek island, organized by the Rhodes Tourism Promotion Organization (PROTOUR) and the large travel agency Thomas Cook-Neckermann, took place at the Palais Palffy in the center of Vienna.

The event was attended by 150 Austrian tourism office representatives, where the boost of help from multimedia and the diverse offerings of Rhodes as a tourist destination were presented. Many guests highlighted that Rhodes keeps reeling in a high number of bookings because of the island’s promotion in the Austrian tourism market.

During the promotional event at the Palais Palffy, Thomas Cook-Neckermann travel agency awarded honors to Rhodes for the longtime collaboration. The director of the travel agent, Yiannis Afoukatoudis, also of Greek origin, presented the award to the director of Rhodes Tourism Promotion Organization, Charalambos Paloyiannidis.

According to Mr. Afoukatidis, the sense of hospitality that governs the Rhodian people makes the Austrian visitors loyal friends of Rhodes. Mr. Paloyiannidis noted that “Mr. Afoukatidis, with special care and work, has helped our country in difficult years and his agency has contributed to the constantly satisfied tourists of Rhodes.”