Tirana Seeks Answers for Albanian Inmate’s Death


Over the weekend, the Albanian Foreign Ministry expressed concern for the death of Ilia Kareli in prison in Nigrita, Greece on Thursday.

In a statement, the ministry said it “condemns attacks against authorities imposing the law, as well as all acts of violence against Albanian citizens serving their sentence in prisons in Greece”. It has asked Greek authorities to determine the circumstances of the 42 year-old Albanian’s death and to punish those responsible.

Two days prior to his death, Kareli stabbed a 46-year-old prison guard in the windpipe at the Malandrino Prison, killing him. As a consequence, “for his own safety”, the inmate was transferred to Nigrita prison, where he was put in solitary confinement.

Just two days later, he was found dead in his cell, battered, with multiple fractures to his sternum, among other injuries indicative of torture.

When news of Kareli’s death reached his compatriots in Corinth prison, they refused to return to their cells as a sign of protest, and many inmates across Greece refused their meals on Friday.


  1. This Albanian who was in prison for attempted murder, robberies and other attacks in Greece, for some stupid reason he kills a family man with two kids, justice is served, and for those prisoners who are protesting, hope you get the same, stupid scums…

  2. Trust treasonous leftist imbeciles to try and spin a story of a murderer of a Greek being somehow a victim in all of this.

  3. Rumor is that he paid a bribe of €60.000 to the guard(s) so they can let him out and they fooled him.

  4. I heard the same, anyone would get angry! The guard was a corrupted liar, and just like you guys believe the justice was served to the Albanian guy, also justice was served to the greek thief

  5. Yes he was a victim! Why did the guard stif him of his money and lied?? You think you can play with people’s lives? So please stop playing the patriotic race card! What they did to this Albanian guy is not forgiven! You know what Americans thinks of greeks? That you are worse than Muslim radical, and they are right

  6. I cannot believe all Albanians are thugs, so why is Albania sending all of its thugs to Greece?


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