Italian Movie Based on Relationship of Panagoulis-Fallaci

Panagoulis-FallaciThe relationship of the Greek politician Alexandros Panagoulis with Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci is the main theme of the Italian TV movie La vita di Oriana Fallaci (“The Life of Oriana Fallaci”) which will be screened next October in Italy. Last week, the actors Vittoria Belvedere (as Oriana Fallaci) and Vinicio Marchioni (as Alexandros Panagoulis) visited Athens in order to shoot some scenes for the TV movie.

The director Marco Turco had chosen various regions in Athens for the shooting such as the Acropolis, the Cynosarges region, where Panagoulis was living and Tourkovounia region, where the Greek authorities had been stalking Panagoulis.

The movie crew loved Athens and they all had a great time during their visit. They stayed in a hotel at the Dionysius Areopagite region so they were able to walk and admire the city on their free time. The crew was supposed to stay in Athens for several days but because of the high cost of the production they only shot some major scenes and returned to Italy.

The TV movie is produced in Italy by the Fandango company and in Greece by Libellula Productions company in partnership with Blonde production company. Moreover, Libellula Productions is trying to screen the TV movie in Greece as well and is discussing the shooting of a movie for the life of Alexandros Panagoulis.