Great Britain Challenges Greece on Elgin Marbles


The director of London’s National Gallery, Nicholas Penny, is challenging Greece once more on the issue of the Parthenon’s Marbles, suggesting that Greece and Britain share them.

According to him, the British Museum has recognized to some extent, the profound importance that the Marbles have for Greece and that lending the Marbles to the Greek state is under discussion as long as they do not become pawns of political exploitation.

He also suggested that the British Museum would be open to discussion over sharing the Elgin Marbles provided that the issue of where they really belong does not become an obsession.

Moreover, Mr. Penny claimed that if the Marbles were to return to Greece, they would not be placed on the monument due to Athens’ air pollution. Both the monument and the marbles are not in very good condition; thus, the visitors could not see them as they were in their original position. According to Mr. Penny, this is a sentimental myth, the idea that someone can turn the clock backwards.


  1. ‘Lending’? How can you ‘lend’ something stolen?
    Please give the Parthenon Marbles back, immediately.
    It would be a great sign of civilisation for Britain.

  2. what about Greece paying for the marbles with a couple of fingers into Nicholas Penny ass ?

  3. It’s a symbolic issue because you could see and study the marbles in both places. The political extremists in both countries like the making of it into a vendetta. It started in the 1830s not for the reasons you are told but for other reasons. Great Britain at the time wanted to appease the Ottoman empire and rejected Greek pleas for help to liberate more territories. To add insult to injury they even dabbed as “traitors” their former government who had helped Greece win in the revolution. Following that Greece demanded the marbles back and the British sternly refused to oblige. Almost 200 years later no progress has been made to settle the dispute, even though politics changed and changed again with the two countries frequently in alliance in wars. It’s a fairly useless dispute but because of the political exploitation it becomes serious. A compromise solution preserving the honour of both sides is obviously called for.

  4. Elgin? You mean the dick, excuse me “duke” that stole our history, our antiquities?
    They are, and forever will be, Parthenon Marbles. They belong to the world, yes, but they should be returned home, to Athens, without stipulations. By the way, isn’t war time looting criminal?
    But…serves us right. We had a petition to boycott the Olympic flame from England during the last Olympic but noooooobody wanted to touch that alternative. Why.
    Drastic results require drastic measures.
    Maybe, at the next Olympics, Greece will wise up and tell the world…
    …Unless the antiquities of Greece are returned to their original home, you can light the Olympic torch with a bic lighter.

  5. What is there to challenge!?? The Marbles where taking from the people who made them! The Ottoman government was a occupying force so their argument is moot!