Greek Movie Awarded in Berlin Film Festival

sto-spiti-tou-athanasiou-karanikolaThe Greek film “At Home,” Athanasios Karanikolas’ first feature film, which was screened in the Forum of the 64th Berlin Film Festival, won the Ecumenical Jury prize.

The film presents the story of Nadia (Maria Kallimani), a woman from Georgia who is working for many years in the luxury home of a wealthy family and is considered as part of their family. However, things start to change as the impact of the financial crisis in Greece stresses her rich employers.

The Ecumenical Jury supported by the Catholic and Protestant Church, since 1992 awards three prizes: its main prize to a film entered in the Competition section and two other prizes to a film in the Panorama section and a film in the Forum section. In this year’s festival, the main prize was awarded to the German movie “Stations of the Cross” by Dietrich Brüggemann, the Panorama award was given to “Calvary” by  John Michael McDonagh and the Forum prize to “At Home” by Athanasios Karanikolas.

The movie of Yannis Economides, “Little Fish,” which was nominated for best film, didn’t receive any award. The Chinese movie, “Black Coal, Thin Ice” by Diao Yinan won the Golden Bear for Best Film, while “The Grand Budapest Hotel” by Wes Anderson won the Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize.


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