Council of Europe: Greece Doesn’t Support its Youth

Youth-unemploymentA recent  report on the Council of Europe regarding national youth policies in member States, has revealed that Greece isn’t providing any support to the younger generation. The Council of Europe pointed out that since the outbreak of the financial crisis in Greece, the government hasn’t proceeded with measures aiming to boost entrepreneurship.

According to Howard Williamson, professor of European youth policy at the university of South Wales, countries suffering recession tend to withdraw and reduce their support to young people. As a result the emotions of abandonment and betrayal deepen.

The report of the Council of Europe points out that Greece should establish mechanisms that will unleash young people’s entrepreneurial spirit and to give them hope and confidence in their future and their country. The report also notes that low public investment in education and training, hinders the achievement of national targets.

According to the report, young Greek farmers don’t have confidence in rural entrepreneurship and innovation because of the budgetary constraints and bureaucracy. The Hellenic Statistical Authority data in 2013, showed that young Greek women, teenagers and young people living in rural areas are facing serious difficulties in entering the labor market.

Furthermore, the report notes that military service disrupts the life and the plans of young Greek men. Finally, it strongly criticizes the Greek government for the “complete” absence of a legislative and strategic framework concerning involvement in politics and volunteerism.


  1. And this is headlines? It’s a given Greece does not support its youth. Samaras meanwhile had priorities for the youth and employment to come about which he’s discussed several times. What happens to that? More lies by him.
    Next time right a story about Council of Europe supporting corruption and all it’s useless politicians in Greek government and everywhere else in the EU.

  2. Council of Europe, Greece doesn’t support anyone of it’s citizens…We are left to fed for ourselves with no help what so ever from the government…We hear lies everyday from our Prime Minister in a country with no future and no prosperity…Council of Europe, you should send your members to investigate the real cause of this crisis and talk to people from all walks of life to find out what we are going through in our daily life…

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    Please stand up for free speech by speaking out against censorship.


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