99% of Greeks Believe Widespread Corruption Exists


The first European Commission report against corruption found that 99% of Greeks believe there is widespread corruption in their country.

According to the report on Greece, anti-corruption bodies are put under pressure in the same way the Greek government is pressured.

Although some positive steps have been made, including the development of sectoral strategies and the appointment of a national coordinator for the fight against corruption, it still poses a serious threat for Greece.

The European Commission notes that the public procurement sector remains risky, and an increase in surveillance in this area would be beneficial.

Intensive supervision of political party funding and revision of the issue of immunity for members of Parliament, will also contribute to improving the situation in Greece.

The European Commission presented two extensive polls in correlation to the report. Over three quarters of EU citizens agree that corruption is widespread in their country. Among the Greeks, this percentage reaches 99%. Furthermore, 63% of people in Greece say they have been affected by corruption, while 93% believe that bribery and connections provide better public services.


  1. “93% believe that bribery and connections provide better public services”.

    It is not that they provide better services. It is that they provide faster services. That is why it is wrong. These persons receiving the bribes are public servants. They should do their job with out a second thought, without a worry or a problem and with efficiency to the public. It is their duty as a public servant who is already paid by the public purse.

    They are Pulic Servants, this means they are a service to the public.


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