MobiPro-EU: ‘The Job of My Life’

The job of my life programThe Unemployment rate in Europe is high, particularly in southern countries and chances for vocational training are becoming increasingly limited.

This is why the financial assistance program “MobiPro-EU” has been launched to attract young Europeans to be trained in Germany for one of among 350 recognized professions, for which student can receive a grant from the German state.

The program, its goal and its target group

The program MobiPro-EU can be found on the internet under the name “The job of my life” and was launched for the first time in January, aiming to address youth unemployment in the EU.

The program is aimed at EU citizens between 18 and 35 who are unemployed and want to be professionally trained in Germany or to find a job in one of Germany’s understaffed sectors such as the hotel industry, catering industry, health care industry and information technology industry.

This year in Germany there are 33,000 places for vocational training that will remain unused for two main reasons. Firstly, Germany as an industrial country with advanced technology requires a highly skilled workforce, generally from the EU countries. The second reason, is Germany’s goal to address youth unemployment especially in southern countries. The program will be running until the end of 2016 and will be funded with 139 million Euros by the Ministry of Labor.

This funded vocational training includes 400 hours of learning German in the participant’s home country, transportation tickets, accommodation in Germany and supplementary German courses during the training.

How to participate

Those interested in participating can visit the website of the program,, where they will find the contact information of the program and request more details. According to the German “International Placement Service” (ZAV) the website has accumulated 170,000 visits until now.

MobiPro-EU and Greece

The website has had only 3,400 visits from Greece. This low number of visitors can be attributed to the fact that there is no cooperation between the German ZAV and the Greek OAED (Manpower Employment Organization) yet, unlike with other European employment organizations.

However, efforts are being made to promote the program in Greece. On January 23 in Tripoli, The Arcadia Chamber, member of the “Enterprise Europe Network,” in cooperation with German institutions, organized an event in order to present the MobiPro-EU program to the citizens.
(Edited by Evgenia Adamantopoulou)