Focus: ‘Greece Incites France Αgainst Germany’

veizelos“Athens incites France to turn against Germany”

This is the title of an article that was published in the German magazine “Focus” regarding Greece. Focus along with other German media reproduced the statements that were made by the Greek Foreign Minister at the Hellenic-French Chamber of Commerce as they were broadcasted on the French news agency AFP.

According to Focus, Evangelos Venizelos called the French government to “team up” with other European countries in order to create a powerful counterweight in order to face Germany. The author of the article pinpoints that with this way, Greece incites France to turn against Germany.

In addition, the article mentions that the Greek government officials believe that Germany has obtained too much power via EU. Thus, the Greek Foreign Minister calls Germany to play a more active role in Europe’s current affairs.

Focus reports that the Greek Minister underlined also that the balance of the interior of the EU depends on the balance between Paris and Berlin.


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