Twelve Ancient Greek Gods On a Plate

greek-pantheon-of-the-godsFood lovers not only from Greece and Europe, but from all over the world will have the opportunity to taste some new products that are named after the 12 ancient Olympian Gods of Greece. These products are made by a Greek food company which belongs to Kostas Kexagias.

Poseidon, Artemis, Demeter and the other Gods that according to Greek Mythology live on the Greek mountain Olympus, are pictured on the packages of the 12 products that the company “Oohmygod” produces. These food products have become very popular among Greek and European consumers, the founder of the company, Kostas Kexagias explains.

Each product combines mythology with the nutrients that characterize and correspond to each one of the twelve ancient Gods.

The company has already started to export these products to Europe and Australia while interest in purchasing the “Ancient Gods” products has been shown by countries from Asia and USA.

“The 12 nutrition products (pâté) are available to gourmet restaurants of France, England and soon of Belgium. In Greece — except for two of Greece’s major cities Athens and Thessaloniki —  interest in purchasing this new product have been shown by big hotel units, as well as by the tourist market” said Mr. Kexagias to ANA-MPA.

The whole concept, Mr. Kexagias explains, was set up three years ago, when he started to think about how he could export something Greek to the world market in an original, but nonetheless fashionable way, combining Greek mythology with food products. After two years of research and the production of his gourmet patent, he launched his own company “Oohmygod.”