FYROM Denies Issuing Currency Featuring Alexander the Great

The Central Bank of FYROM denies having printed paper currency of 200 denars, featuring Alexander the Great riding his horse, Bucephalus.

This false information was posted on certain Greek websites and was then published by news outlets in Skopje.

FYROM Central Bank stated in its announcement:

“Concerning information in the media about new paper currency we are supposed to have issued. We wish to clarify that no-one can use paper currency images without having first received the Central Bank Council approval. The Central Bank of FYROM has not approved any of the banknotes featured in the media.”



  1. No the world does not look away.Because of their fake claims they are still out of NATO and it was not the Greeks who vetoed them but the French and the Germans.As for entry into EU they have been told to curb their aspirations till they find agreement with Greece.Greece vetoed Turkey’s EU ambitions for 40 years.Scopia can wait dooms day.Besides no international money markets will accept their money

  2. LOL.. Keep trying Fyromonkeys.. I love it when the Fyromonkeys worships the Greeks as their heroes and Gods. They even renamed a church after the Greek leader, ‘Saint Alexander The Great’.. LOL.


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