Police Decipher Mafia Code Resembling Ancient Greek

The secret mafia document
The secret mafia document

The Italian police authorities have managed to crack a three page document describing a Mafia initiation ritual, written in a code that resembles ancient Greek and Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The document was found in Rome during an investigation into the murder of a member of the “Ndrangheta Mafia” which is based in Calabria in southern Italy. The victim, Vincenzo Femia, was shot dead on the streets of Rome.

According to the document, those wishing to join the Mafia must take an oath of eternal loyalty, referred to as a pledge of “blood and honor.”

“For the initiation, five people are needed – no more and no less,” says the document. The candidate uses a knife or another sharp instrument to draw blood, with which they make a blood oath and swear “eternal allegiance to the Mafia.” The ceremony should be held  in a place considered as “sacred, sacrosanct and secure.”

The document was written in a code that resembles ancient Greek and Egyptian. It was decoded by two police officers who are interested in breaking codes and word puzzles. Initially they managed to decipher the letter C which helped them to understand the rest of the alphabet used.

The Ndrangheta Mafia has become powerful and rich from cocaine trafficking, extortion and other criminal activities. According to the Italian authorities, the fact that the document was found in the capital shows that the Ndrangheta Mafia is also active in other parts of Italy.


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