Swiss Probe Greek Defence Bribe Link

Greek defence bribeSwitzerland has blocked CHF10 million ($11 million) of suspected bribery funds held in Swiss banks and opened investigations into three alleged accomplices of a Greek money laundering scandal.
The Federal Prosecutor’s Office (FPO) confirmed the action at the weekend following newspaper allegations of former Greek defense ministry workers taking bribes from German companies supplying military equipment to Greece in the 1990s.
Swiss banks have been used to harbour millions of dollars of bungs, according to the Tages Anzeiger newspaper.

A former Greek defense minister has already been jailed in Greece after being found guilty of corruption. The Greek authorities have now extended their investigation to other officials suspected of taking bribes for placing orders with defense contractors.

Speaking to Swiss national television, anti-corruption campaigner Mark Pieth said dirty cash was still washing through the Swiss financial center despite efforts to clean up Switzerland’s image.
“We still have a relatively high amount of such money in Switzerland,” he said.

In November, the FPO seized CHF60 million of dirty money linked to a separate German-Greek corporate bribery scandal. Swiss-based lawyers and shell companies were also uncovered as having helped to hide the bribe slush fund of German company Siemens used to secure Greek telecommunications contracts.
(source: swissinfo, Tages Anzeiger)


  1. A wonderful start to this investigation. Let me guess, the majority of names that will be announced at the end will be PASOK and of course ND former Defense Ministry.
    These individuals that will eventually be caught should be brought up to the Hague Tribunal -International Courts and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of International law.
    If and only if they are to be found guilty, I suggest NO JAIL. EXECUTION BY HANGING or MILITARY SQUAD FIRING KILLING THEM ALL INSTANTLY.
    You have to send a message -ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with Greek corruption!

  2. It is known worldwide that Swiss banks do hold money belong to drug cartels, mafia, arm dealers and criminals around the world…