Turkey Threatens Greece Over EEZ

turkey EEZTurkey is threatening Greece with an incident in the Aegean if the country decides to take advantage of its EU presidency and initiate procedures for the proclamation of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and proceed to exploit hydrocarbon reserves in the area from Kastellorizo to Cyprus.

Concerns were also expressed by Pentagon officials further confirming the threatening article, entitled “Waters Will Catch Fire,” published on the front page of Turkish newspaper Yeni Şafak.

The fact that the Turkish newspaper appears to be pro-government, fully supporting Erdogan, concerns Greek Pentagon officials who assessed that the article was a very serious threat.

According to Yeni Safak, now that Greece has the presidency of the European Union, there is a strong possibility that the country will seize the opportunity to move forward with the official recognition of the EEZ, which is related to the existence and exploitation of energy deposits in the Aegean Sea and the eastern Mediterranean, the area surrounding Cyprus.

“Turkey will not in any way allow this to happen. Turkey will continue unabated to research with the prospect of directly exploiting energy deposits in the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea,” wrote the newspaper.

It appears that this winter will be particularly “heated” in the Aegean, especially now that the crisis in Turkey is growing and threatening the Erdogan government.

Turks showed the first signs of escalating tension by violating Greece’s national airspace on Christmas Day and the new year only brought another round of threats.


  1. What is written from above will happen and happen only when it is meant to happen. No one knows when. Turkey will attack Greece in an all out war where blood will be spilled and casualties will number in the millions.
    In the end, Constantinople will be returned to Greece one day and Turkey will no longer exist.
    Gods power. Gods will in everything. Remember that!

  2. By the international law, Greece has every right to its EEZ, also I wonder if the EU will aid Greece, a member when the time comes, or will the EU turn a blind eye…

  3. constantinople will never retun to greece because the greeks now worship a jew called jesus christ the extinction of the greek people is because they changed their religion from the gods of greece who gave them strength to a jewish human who said he is god its all water under the bridge only white europe and russia can keep out the asians mongols and arabs

  4. im sure the arabs and jews want the greeks to fight the turks and the asians but i am sure that the turks are aware of this

  5. “constantinople will never retun to greece because the greeks now worship a jew called jesus christ”.
    Constantinople was the center of Byzantium, an all-jesus-christ empire….

  6. LOL…Your an idiot. So what if Jesus was born a Jew, are you trying to insult us. lololol. You have now idea about the history of the Byzantine Empire, so go back and have sexual intercourse with your mother, because you were born a moron.. lololol

  7. I’m assuming you are either not a Greek Orthodox Christian or if you are Greek you don’t believe in God or Orthodox Christianity – you might be an atheist?
    You too as a non believer will be raised -resurrected in the second coming -glorious coming of our Lord Jesus Christ In the end of times- New Earth-New Jerusalem.
    I do not know why your mentality -thinking is the way it is but I’m sure it might have to do with hardships or great difficulties you have endured or gone through your life. ??? Believe in Christ. If you live in Greece, the country is filled with Monasteries and Churches everywhere. Miraculous icons of The Virgin Mother- Jesus and Saints.
    The Saints intercede with their divine power from God only and only if they want and according to Gods will.
    I was disturbed by your comments and saddened when you said “jewish human who said he is god………” FYI- It is God who can elevate you to great heights and lower you to the abyss as well. For reasons no one knows or understands. Gods majesty is truly mysterious.
    Go light a candle and I hope life treats you better in 2014.
    Blessings to you!

  8. Blind eye definitely, then at the same time be all proud for helping a refuge or two, just you watch

  9. If i remember right that is the 2 time that turkey thread greece on that matter.If greece is right on that one why turkey do not give up?Or Erdogan wants away from the spotlight and need desperately more voters?

  10. Prime Minister Samaras must finally exercise Greece’s sovereign rights and declare an EEZ during this EU Presidency. He must follow through and sign a deal with Cairo delineating the boundary with Egypt, which will further strengthen Greece’s legal rights as per the United Nations Convention on the Law Of the Sea. If Samaras blinks due to Turkish war threats, he is not fit to run the country. Greece must use every tool at its disposal to lift itself out of an economic depression. If the EU and United States are not willing to stand by Greece’s rights on this matter, then Greece should invite Russia to use Crete for their navy, and say good-bye to Washington, NATO, and the Eurozone. Yes, it is time to find out who our friends are, and act accordingly.

  11. The Greeks according to international law are entitled to to commercially exploit their own EEZ.Full stop.Aggressive Turkey will find no supporters if they attack Greece.They have no friends left in the area.And if Washington wants to be credible of what they preach to their friends they must reciprocate accordingly.

  12. Turkey should stop playing the local Eastern Mediterranean bully. Greece’s “Exclusive Economic Zone” belongs to Greece, exactly like Turkey’s belong to Turkey, or Bulgaria’s belong to Bulgaria.

    “Turkey will not in any way allow this to happen […]” To happen WHAT? Greece eventually exploiting its own waters?!

    What a fascist nation is Turkey.

  13. ahahahahahahaha 😀
    20 million people live in Istanbul. What is the Greek population?.
    Rule 1: If you invade a country, you must have the distinct number advantage.

  14. Okay, let me explain the EEZ to you ignorant Greeks.Here is the map:


    Here is the definition of the EEZ:


    Now look the red-marked area of the map! Is this YOUR SEA! Of course NOT!. Not to mention Greeks start the territorial water from the Islands in the Aegean Water. Why not Turkey is to start the its waters from its own soil? Of course you will say no, because you’re greedy and lawless and fat-lazy, useless nation. All you want to do is to exploit what belongs to Turkey to recover the economy. Not to mention, even, the SEA of NORTHERN Cyprus.

    Turkey will of course never allow this in any sense. You want war for this as you wanted a war for Cyprus? You will get worse defeat.

  15. ‘nough sucking ‘murrican .icks; Let’s suck some Russian .icks. Nicely said, something you can expect from a Greek. Always ready kneel before the strong.

  16. You seem rather obsessed with cock sucking. Perhaps you can tell us from experience which one fit your throat the best.

  17. In the red circle there is a tiny Greek island called Kastelorizo. Recognized by the international community and Turkey itself to be Greek. And that single island greatly extends the EEZ of Greece.


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