German Agencies: “Greece is Not Suitable For European Presidency”


In a few days, Greece will assume the six-month rotating presidency of the EU and German media openly doubt Greece’s capability to effectively handle all the European challenges that lay ahead. Despite the fact that the Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras, appears reassuring towards Greece’s economic recovery, many German agencies are at least skeptical for the assumption of the European Presidency by a country in a memorandum that has avoided bankruptcy after receiving loans of billions of euros. Among other agencies, Deutsche Welle wonders how a country that is at the centre of the European economic crises could find solutions in serious European matters while simultaneously struggling to be relieved of the unbearable debt.

“For a period of six months we want to become honest mediators and forget our national interests,” underlined the Greek deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, Dimitris Kourkoulas, and his team. He and his team are tasked with the preparations of the Greek Presidency in order for the country to cope with the European demands when the country takes the reins of the European Union.

“The problematic child of the eurozone must prove that the worst is over for the country itself and the monetary union in general,” German Weser Kurier commented, according to Deutsche Welle.

“The positive message is that the course is in the right direction, but pessimists see the situation differently and wonder why Greece spends 50 million euros for the Presidency when troika finds a fiscal gap and calls for additional measures,” it adds and expresses its doubts about whether Greece will be able to accomplish the Herculean task of the Presidency and handle sensitive issues effectively, such as the banking union and halting a great victory of the Eurosceptics in the upcoming European elections.

A Mittelbayerische Zeitung’s analyst also highlights how difficult the task of Greece’s presidency is, as the situation in Europe is critical and answers must be given in a series of problems that many European countries have been facing for a long time now. The newspaper also strongly criticizes the optimism of the Greek Prime Minister. An optimism that is not based on stable ground. In particular, the newspaper says that “Apparently, hope in Athens is the last to die. The Greek Prime Minister paints rosy prospects for the future with prophecies of slight recovery despite the difficult situation in which he finds himself in. If the reassuring predictions of the Greek PM, Antonis Samaras, are based on facts and that the positive development in the Greek economy and society is a reality and not a targeted propaganda, it will be shown during 2014. The country which is still afloat thanks to loans of 240 billion euros, is still in deep crisis.”


  1. “Greece is not suitable for European Presidency.”
    Absolutely 110% CORRECT. “Problematic child must prove …. Worse is over for the country……………………..”
    With unemployment next year reaching 30% and youth unemployment at a staggering 65% and climbing, thousands of businesses shut down, no jobs, no opportunities anywhere and no business enterprises set up from abroad…………….Greece is coming back. LOLOL

  2. The nation which has suffered the most, had the most reason of all to leave the Eurozone, is the very beacon of hope and representation of the power of perseverance, to stick with this incredible historically important European Union, created as a bulkwark for the democracies of the west against enroaching growing power of Russia and China. Greece, the birthplace of democracy, how apt, how perfect. Samaras is a true wonder,he knows the power of positive thinking and the ability to make the future by will alone. Sometimes you cant get a car to start, you first need to get out and push it, and let momentum move it to get the engine turning over. This is Samaras’ effort, to create optimism and momentum. Thus far he is succeeding as far as is possible. Foreign investment is increasing rapidly into Greece, the economy is stabilizing and showing signs of life. It will be a long journey but not an impossible one. Go Greece! The world supports you in your courageous efforts, show the naysayers and pessimists wrong, put egg on their face, a feat you are so adept at through all of history, showing the strength of your people and your values,against the darkness of the world and the dark ruminations of those like strongmenabc who don’t dream in colour, but exist in a bleak world of grey despair.

  3. Ti na sou po? What shall I say to you?
    Do you actually believe in what you are actually saying ?
    I applaud your rhetoric. However, theory and pragmatism differ substantially.
    A country ruled by a government with ineffective policies where absolutely nothing has worked neither in government -taxation-laws- on every level of the country or for anything else of that matter for the past 40 years imbibed with corruption and Nepotism how do you expect your Savior Samaras to change anything today?
    Is he going to change people’s mindset? You NOOOOOOOOOOO the answer to that.
    A corrupt government protecting all the corrupt people of Greece be it politicians, businessmen or your blue collar or white collar citizens cannot advance.
    Greece is a very CORRUPT country if you didn’t know that.
    The only way Greece will ever bounce back and remember my words is for NON GREEKS to come in and RULE the country.
    Einstein said “Insanity is doing things over and over again and expecting different results.” Unless they get rid of the CORRUPTION which up to this day continues- NOTHING WILL CHANGE.
    WAKE UP my friend- XYPNA

  4. German has never done any favours for Greece. It really does not matter what they think, if the EU allows Germany to have total political control of Europe it would be as if the allies never won WWII. What is needed is a strong Europe with no one nation having dominion over other nations, otherwise if this cannot be achieved its best for the EU to break apart and allow each nation to bet its sovereignty. Otherwise Greece and other smaller economies of Europe will be nothing more than serfs to German over lords.

  5. “The only way Greece will ever bounce back and remember my words is for NON GREEKS to come in and RULE the country.” I guess in your opinion Greece never should have gained its independence and still be ruled by the Ottoman Turks.

  6. That is NOT what I meant. Absolutely NOT. My reference has nothing to do with the Ottoman Turks ruling Greece.
    You either cannot understand my point due to low IQ or fail to understand (refusing to).
    After the junta, PASOK came into power and introduced everything that was/is wrong with Greek society- fraud, corruption, scandals, , free handouts, millions on payroll public employees, etc……Nepotism……by your friend-Andreas P. Fast forward 40 years later. Country does not collect or enforce taxes from anyone. Add corruption politicians stealing left and right, add the fiscal policies of a country borrowing more than they can bring in, outstanding debt and there you have it Sir: A bankrupt country ran by thieves and crooks and the alike.
    The only reason Greece is kept alive (respirator in a coma state) by the EU is because if they let it go the euro currency will COLLAPSE. They will be embarrassed of the historic failure.
    Another point to add: Greece has natural resources oil and energy and it has become a political geological chess game.
    Greeks do not have the ability to rule effectively a country of 11 million people. The Corruption starts from the top. You got to cut the top.
    Enjoy the rest of the remaining year and please open up a book and read so you could LEARN few things.

  7. Dear ignorant strongmenabc,

    This is the problem I see in Greece and with people holding extreme views such as yourself. Firstly the country has mainly two rigid directly opposed ideologies, one represents the extreme right such as yourself the other the radical left. In regards to Nepotism, here is a news flash this has been part of Greek society way before PASOK took power, just ask anyone old enough to remember. Since the civil war Greece has remained polarized, there are few moderate politicians and no party representing the center. The EU has done nothing to bring in moderates, the Greek population is so fragmented political parties have become more radical in recent years.

    The first way out of this mess is to bring in laws that will make everyone more accountable, not in terms of money but in terms of checks and balances. In regards to suggesting I read a book, I have read many, my educational background is classical studies and political science. I live in Canada and I am embarrassed to tell people I am Greek when I read idiotic comments such as yours. If you understood the direct democracy Athens had in antiquity and the checks and balances they had to stop anyone individual or group from having total control, then you would be actively seeking a better internal system not for foreign rule.

    The right can blame the left, the left the right, but until everyone realizes that political stability is vital. That capitalism without controls does not work, that socialism with no individual freedom and incentive for people also does not work. Progressive nations such as Canada succeed because they have a balanced approach to what the state does best and what individual do best. Remember Aristotle, ‘all things in moderation’ without that there can be no moving forward for Greece.

  8. What part of my idiotic comments are you embarrassed about to tell people you are Greek ? The entire accuracy of my post?
    Your so called Socialistic ideological policies – (“Socialism with no individual freedom and incentive for people) is what destroyed Greece in the first place. Let the state take care of you…… the most basic sense. The same pathway that Obama is planning for America.
    I do not agree with your points above.
    Plato and Aristotle both knew democracy does not work.
    You don’t need me to tell you about this.

  9. That is the fault of the Eurozone & its institutions not Greece. Whoever was holding the purse strings of the ECB & the ECB itself are responsible for the mess that was created by people fawning all over Germany giving them money on the cheap to re-build their country at a time when monetary cycles across the rest of the continent demanded money to be more expensive. Germany is the bad child here, the situation is of its making.

  10. Well said and agreed upon. The pyramid scheme is now known and the question remains how long will it continue until it collapses ? The formation of the European Union was fine but the euro zone with a common currency was a very bad idea from the start.
    The euro currency created this entire devastation and yes the Germans are to a certain extent to blame. However, the ECB that created this mess knew well in advance that the Greeks as a whole are a corrupt society. The Greek state absorbed everything they could (as a sponge absorbs water) borrow borrow borrow and pay later. The ECB and Germany knew this. In order to feed corruption, you know who is corrupt and will fall for it. Thus, greek society in General fell for it because they knew they are corrupt.
    You make excellent points and I do agree with you.

  11. I’m not against democracy. I’m all for it. There is no democracy in Greece at moment. Go back in your hole and hibernate a little longer or continue to hang with all the MPs of Greece you’ve been accustomed to and out of touch of reality with.

  12. Obviously you lack the ability to make an intelligent argument because all you do is label people. Why don’t you answer the following questions, do you not see the flaws with extreme political positions people hold in Greece? Do you favour the junta over democratically elected member of parliament presently ruling Greece? Have you ever been outside of Greece and visited nations such as Canada or France or other democracies that have a well balance political system that utilizes both capitalist and socialist principles? Since you state “Plato and Aristotle both knew democracy does not work” I suppose a totalitarian regime with a strong leader such as the dictator Metaxas is better for the country than democratically elected leaders such as Themistocles, Pericles and more recently Eleftherios Venizelos. You are a sad example of an extremest right wing ideologue who lacks insight and understanding of the democratic process, rather than participating in the democracy you want ” NON GREEKS to come in and RULE the country” why don’t you do Greece a favour and ostracize yourself form the country, perhaps you should try moving to North Korea, I am sure you and the dear leader would agree on most issues.

  13. OR..the whole global financial crisis was a farce. the rich cried poor. to prove my point greece spent more money it could handle in military procurement. greece struck a deal with german and russian suppliers for the so called new greek armed forces. apparently greece has planned the end of conscription as of 2015..(2)the british rolled out the red carpet for all them rich greeks so they could spend the money. they did exactly that!!! they bought property at astronomical prices. greece is playing dirty and doing the’s the doing the ‘dirty’ that’s gonna end it for them in the long run.

  14. yes. nazi germany wanted to fortify the whole of occupied Europe in world war 2. that didn’t work!!

  15. First of all, Greece will do a great job just like before, and to add to that stupid comment about ottaman turks is that if it wasn’t for Greece turning the war around for the Allies during WW2, you will be speaking german by now, so your welcome for you freedom, biach!!

  16. Greece will do a great job just like before, the only ones that are bitching about Greece seems to be those f#ck’n neo nazi germans which still haven’t payed Greece war reparations during WW2. When it comes to money germans are all tight asses and like to bribe others for their advantage, a true nazi tactics…

  17. You are talking academics and not practicality my friend. You cannot compare Greece to Canada or France and theoretically say if Greece was to implement checks and balances then …………..
    You don’t understand what is at stake here do you?
    If Germany and the IMF erased the 500 billion euros Greece owes- forgave them; in the current situation of Greece: they would be back to 500 billion in debt in 10 years time. My point? There is no ruling effective Greek government never was never will be. The extreme political positions people hold in Greece is because of the “favors” and Nepotism and connections people have or don’t have in Greece with political parties. A. Papandreou started this. You fail to understand that the Greek officials all 300 USELESS in Parliament DO NOT CARE ABOUT GREECE.
    Any Greek put to govern the country from now until the second coming -the glorious coming of our LORD Jesus Christ will not change anything.
    I would prefer Metaxas or G. Papadopoulos may he rest in peace than any dirt bag to carry us forward. At least the junta restored glory and honor in Greece after a crossroad period in Greek history. No one starved or was unemployed under a military dictatorship.
    In closing, you really have to wake up buddy and see what is actually going on. Look up the word LAMOGIA and everything is right there for you in black n white PASOK n ND……..the parties you adorably support.
    Peace to you!

  18. Please enough of this moralizing pontificating and sermonizing.
    Remember – the history of the great german nazi third reich which was responsible for 50 million deaths and the destruction of europe.
    Ellada is no more perfect than anyone else. Germany had its loans paid by Europe for a war it created so, please enough of the hypocracy.
    “remove the log from thy own eye before you remove the speck from thy brothers eye, so you may see more clearly – you hyporicites ” – Mathew

  19. Its not that I disagree strongmenabc of your analysis regarding a useless Greek Parliament or the indebted economic reality in country I simple do not share your solutions. To say no one starved or was unemployed under a military dictatorship is not entirely true. There was always high unemployment in Greece including during the dictatorship. In terms of glory dictators give people a false sense of glory, they are masters of illusion be it on the right or left, examples Nazi German, Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China, Franco’s Spain, Pinochet’s Chile, Idi Amin’s Uganda and the list goes on and on.

    To resolve the debt crisis in Greece a few things need to happen. The IMF, EU and Germany must write off a large part of the debt. The IMF has done more harm to nations than good, they like keeping nations indebted to create business for American multinationals that sell their products or services to these indebted states and get guaranteed loans that ultimately cost foreign states even more debt.

    What is need is closer to a Marshall plan, and this should not just be secured by the US but also by the EU, if it is in the EU’s interest is to eventually have economic stability amongst all it’s members.

    Within Greece herself, the people need to not lose hope and fall prey to delusional cult of personality leaders that promise glory be it on the extreme right or left. The people should only elect individuals in my opinion that have never before sat in Parliament before rather than the same representatives that have done little to help the situation. A complete audit should be done in the country, you cannot raise taxes and cut public services, Greece and the EU must immediately change that formula. The nation should not ‘sell’ and privatize its natural resources to foreign interests particularly gas and oil reserves. The government can stimulate growth by lowering taxes and have a flat tax that everyone must pay. All nationals that are hiding their money outside should be prosecuted, fined and imprisoned. The EU should pay for the security of Greek borders since their is a huge influx of illegal aliens trying to get to Europe. If the EU fails to pay for securing the border I suggest Greece should deport them to the those European states that want cheap labour.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  20. People people do not be silly. Ellas which is the actuall name of the country which praises cilization and humanity and I wish you knew the difference. Not only has the lowest national debt per citizen which is 39000 Euros(compare with your own country’s debt) But Ellas qualifies to be in charge of all politistical affairs since civilization in Ellenik does not mean the mass of citizens but Politismos derived by two words poly and timo (very and value). Yes we value and respect our selves our families our land our countries our planet earth with all of its Kingdoms and I mean those corresponding to the elements including the fifth circle of the Olympic sign the ether. Above all what we value the most is politismos which is not other than humanity it self. As for your currencies Dollar in Ellenik means Doulia + orario, slavery + hourly as for Euro I don’t know what it means you should tell me, as for Drahma it means Draw + aihmi, Act Sharp and be Human regardless your status.

  21. I read your entire post above. Agreed with one exception. There is absolutely no way the IMF EU and Germany will write off a large part of the debt. Not happening. Germany WANTS THEIR MONEY and the banksters want their money.
    It’s a bailout – LOAN. Must be repaid with big interest. Greece CANNOT pay back that staggering amount. It will take a generation plus 20 years plus for Greece to get to where it is suppose to be.
    In conclusion, there are no men around anymore like G.papadopoulos and pattakos who rolled down Syntagma Square with those tanks and overthrew the government. They have should killed every member of Papandreou when they had the chance but didn’t -too bad. Then you’ll see Greece return to glory again.
    Greece needs to EXIT to once again become competitive. The euro killed them! As well as the points you mention
    with the IMF doing harm etc………
    IMO- Euro needs to COLLAPSE and Greece sayonara.
    Best Wishes!

  22. Yeah, Tsohaztopoulos, Yiannos papantoniou, G. Papandreou, Simitis, Pangalos, Karamanlis, D. Bakoyianni and her husband, Papaconstantinou, Venizelos, and countless other dishonorable Greeks valued and respected Greece -the country and homeland? Perhaps, the Greeks in Greece and around the world value and respect their families and land and earth but not these dirt bags who created havoc in Greece under oath under the Constitution to protect it. They did anything they could out of greed and self interest.
    Go back to ur kafenio and drink ur frappe u idiot or go out to dinner with the LAMOGIA you know that bankrupted Greece-

  23. WOW, bombastic..How can I find this FKNG this optimism of yours??? Where is this foreign investment??? Where is this stability??? Where is this support coming from??? I wish I can see all this…You must be either day dreaming or you live in a different planet other then Greece…Definitely not in Greece…For sure not in Greece…

  24. I said it many time for Greece to hand over the keys to Brussels so we can see a better future…I said it many time but no one believe me that a foreign government will do a better job then our corrupt politicians…

  25. They don’t understand what you say because they are blind and they don’t won’t to accept their mistakes…They don’t won’t to admit that they looted the country’s wealth causing it to go bankrupt…They think they will save the country but there is no way out other then a new government with new elected lawmakers…The Thai people had enough of corruption and they started their revolt against their government and we are still doing nothing…No future with this present government while our corrupt politicians are still in place…

  26. The only way out of this situation is revolt by the people to throw all our 300 pigs out of the parliament and assign new lawmakers to lead our country to prosperity…

  27. The Greeks are far more intelligent than the hunts any given time.The Greeks will do a fantastic job with the European presidency and if a Nazi steps back to rule Greece we will break his neck.

  28. I fully agree with your views.Please ignore this moron.He cannot be Greek.Greeks love their country in whichever party they belong.He is either a traitor in which case he should be executed for his ultimate treason or he is a Turk and an enemy of the state.As for the Germans they should watch it as they make Germany more hated than ever and not only by the Greeks.Further more they should pay the loan they forced Greece to obtain on their behalf and they never repaid it.not to mention the ransack and the looting of my country by their Nazi beasts.If there is a nation that should shut their trap for ever this is Germany and their thuggish news papers.Full stop.

  29. Shut up Bulgarofski fake Makedonska.You have no say.Every time you open your mouth it stinks like your Scopian toilets.


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