Austria Offers Medical Supplies to Greece

medical suppliesAccording to an article from the Austrian newspaper “Die Presse,” Erwin Schrümpf organized a transport of medical supplies to Greece for the first time, after news broke out that there is a shortage of supplies at the Greek Hospital “Elpis,” due to the economic crisis.

Furthermore he is supplying for five other organizations and institutions such as the “Doctors of the World” and the Greek SOS Children’s Villages.

As part of this action 17 tons of medical equipment and supplies were sent to Greece during this year. The Greek Minister of Health was present at the ceremony where an Austrian ambulance was given to Greece by the Erwin Schrümpf organization, whose goal is to help Greeks and the Austrian Red Cross.

The Austrian charity organization “Volkshilfe” has been installed in Greece since mid-2013 and is now starting its first action program in Dafni, Greece. This program, in cooperation with the mayor of Dafni,will offer assistance to those in need in the area of Dafni where poverty has reached 30%.

The participation of the Church is equally important in offering help along with the Greek ship-owners institutions. Finally, the role of municipalities is also very important offering help to the poor with “civil grocery stores” and their infrastructures.