SEEMO: Increase in Attacks Against Journalists in Greece


In an announcement, South East Europe Media Organization (SEEMO) highlights the increase in the number of journalists in Greece that have been attacked the past few years, especially during 2012. The announcement was made to condemn the recent incident that took place in Greece, where supporters of Golden Dawn attacked journalist Panayiotis Mpousios and a cameraman of the TV channel STAR. In the announcement, emphasis is also placed on the growing pressure under which Greek journalists must work. SEEMO’s “headquarters” is situated in Vienna.

Recently, SEEMO made it publicly known, that 38 violations of press freedom or attacks on journalist had occurred in Greece in 2012. The Organization mentions that it has repeatedly condemned such incidents that have occurred in Greece. SEEMO has also asked Greek police authorities to investigate all the attacks on Greek journalists and to officially condemn these incidents.

SEEMO made an announcement emphasizing that this is not the first time that members or supporters of the Greek Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn have threatened journalists or have tried to attack them. It also mentioned claims stating that Greek police did not intervene during the attack, despite the fact that they were located close by, raising major concerns within the Organization.

“The Hellenic Police and the Greek courts seem as if they were not moving as fast as they should have, in order to start an investigation or to condemn attacks against journalists” states Oliver Vujovic, SEEMO’s general secretary. He also asks authorities in Athens “to act immediately towards the recent attack on Mpousios,” as well as asking the Greek Minister of Public Order, Nikos Dendias, “to explain why the police officers who were present during the journalist’s attack did nothing to help him.”