How Many Members in Albania’s Greek Minority?


 Vasil Bollano is the chairman of “Omonoia,” an association which represents the rights of Albania’s Greek minority. In a press conference that took place in Tirana, Mr. Bollano presented the results of a survey concerning the number of members that are registered in the Omonoia Greek Minority association, in Albania. In accordance with the census data, the questionnaire was answered by 286,852 members of the minority. Some 30 percent of those questionnaires were answered via e-mail.

“In general, the results of the procedure allowed us to determine the exact number of members of the Greek National Minority here in Albania” stated Mr. Bollano.

He continued, “After thoroughly examining all the data, we can deduct that 50 percent of the members of the Greek National Minority declares Greece as their permanent residency but still visits Albania often. In fact, 70 percent of them visit Albania more than three times annually.”

The answered questionnaires in the region of Avlona were 85,841 in total, in Gjirokaster 51,067, in Korce 33,561 and 32,298 in the rest of Albania, including Tirana. The rest of the questionnaires were answered by members of the “Omonoia” Association that live abroad and in other European countries, U.S.A, etc.


  1. We are all Greek if you like it but the difference is that we speak Albanian as native language

  2. Hi every body, Hi Dodona. The greeks of epirus albania, have epiriots rrots, hellenes, togather with arvanites, who have the greek sentiments. seeing Omonia census, over 300 thousands Greeks live in albania,is just the time that both Tirana and Athens, mus to see changes, the Northern epirus is to be self-declaration for autonomiy, if Albania likes from Greece to recognize Kosovo. After with both referendums albania Kosovo and Epiru north and south, is going to unite in tow sides Dardania and Greek Epirus. Albania is failed state, no property rights, corruption, mafia, vendeta, civil war, never make free elections since 100 years, ecct. it must be formatted. Northern epirus is the last step to be declared if something happens as domino effect,process, the next years.

  3. Hello George if Albanians and Arvanites have Hellenic roots then north epirus issue does not exist.. Greece must really democratic herself and allow Arvanitika the place it deserve. You must show to all the word who you really…then who knows things could change for Albania as well Dardania too. Untill now Albania it is been in the border of existence from circumstances more outside then inside. Anyway any effort to break them otherwise by false issue of north epirus and traitors that sell they spirit for money and power will not work… try the right way


  5. Hi, there are some sources below, one of Northern epirus autonomy, after the Protocol of Corfu, known officialy both albania and great powers, there is one flag, one proclamation and one date 1914, where Albania has changed 20 flags, no exactly photo and proclamation of autonomy day in 1912, but everything false by Albanian historians,

    in 1989, CIA Facebook, claim the greek minority from 3% of the albanian dictator census, to 12% to the Greek organization Pan Federation of America, while CIA counts are 8% of the population in albania.

    CIA Facebook doesn’t know the Albanian census of 2011.

    350 thousand Greek epiriotes of Albania, have their rights to self proclamation for independence from Albania, in any time that belong part of the large separation in Europe. Do not forget Kosovo it self, proclamation for Independence, while epirus is part of acient greece and must unite with mother land.

  6. Miremengjes Ancient Greece does not exist… our area had a common culture and people. There are not record of Albanians exodus in Epir while often throught out the history they populated as native population not only Epirus but all of to day Greece including Peloponnese Islands Macedonia and Thrace with so called Arvanites or Arberesh which share same roots and language with Albanians.Towards them and not only exclusively to Chams or muslims it is been follow a policy of assimilation and no linguistic rights .
    The flag of Albanians is as old as their existance as ethnic group when the other did not exist.
    While more the South Epirus populated traditionaly by Cham Albanians we ask rights for Arvanites in entire Grece although Epirus is included as soul of Albanian nation in any map including vilajets of Ottoman empire with capital Janina…often through history Albanians were called Epiriots and Macedonians. Throughout ethnography and folklore Pirro and Alexander are common mithologic figures in songs and epic.

    Your source from Wikipedia is not creditable.

  7. Arvanites, like Macedonians, like Vlachs, all consider themselves Greeks. They have full rights.

  8. George they say the same thing for you in the countries where you ve emigrated like south Africa Canada a failed country is the one that has a nazi political party in their onw parliament


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