How Many Members in Albania’s Greek Minority?


 Vasil Bollano is the chairman of “Omonoia,” an association which represents the rights of Albania’s Greek minority. In a press conference that took place in Tirana, Mr. Bollano presented the results of a survey concerning the number of members that are registered in the Omonoia Greek Minority association, in Albania. In accordance with the census data, the questionnaire was answered by 286,852 members of the minority. Some 30 percent of those questionnaires were answered via e-mail.

“In general, the results of the procedure allowed us to determine the exact number of members of the Greek National Minority here in Albania” stated Mr. Bollano.

He continued, “After thoroughly examining all the data, we can deduct that 50 percent of the members of the Greek National Minority declares Greece as their permanent residency but still visits Albania often. In fact, 70 percent of them visit Albania more than three times annually.”

The answered questionnaires in the region of Avlona were 85,841 in total, in Gjirokaster 51,067, in Korce 33,561 and 32,298 in the rest of Albania, including Tirana. The rest of the questionnaires were answered by members of the “Omonoia” Association that live abroad and in other European countries, U.S.A, etc.