Russians Want to Repair their Ships in Greece

russian_shipAccording to the Russian News and Information Agency RIA Novosti, the Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigou declared that his country wants to repair the ships of its National Navy in Greek Shipyards.

The Russian newspapers and news agencies support that the Russian Minister Mr. Sergei Shoigou, told Greek Minister of National Defense Dimitris Avramopoulos that Moscow wants to reinforce the presence of its navy in Greece.  There was also talk of the ship repairs in Greek shipyards.

The question is, will the Greek Shipyard still exist by the time this positive thought becomes a reality?

The problem that the Hellenic Shipyards S.A in Skaramagas near Athens has, is Germany. Despite the ownership changes, Germany has never stopped having a say in the company’s future.


  1. The government should also giving Russia facilities to park their military shits and subs. The US and NATO are no longer dependable as allies. They betrayed us to FYROM