A Finnish Director Falls in Love With Greece

taavi vartiaAfter spending a summer in Greece, Finnish director, Taavi Vartia, who is known for his work in cinema, theater and television, fell in love with our country. He was rather impressed by the landscape of the Greek islands and abundant sunlight which is why he chose to shoot his next film in Greece.

“It was my dream. The climate here is very different from Finland. I wanted to live a thrilling adventure in Greece,” said Vartia, who after five years was able to find the necessary funding for his new movie entitled “Adventure in Greece.”

It is a high budget feature film (the cost of the production is estimated at 1,280,000 euros ) which will be shot entirely in the Greek island of Kos, with a Greek and Finnish cast and crew.

The script was edited by the director himself, while some of the leading actors are: Orfeas Avgoustidis, Ioanna Triandafyllidis, Natalia Dragoumi, Giannis Zouganelis, Laura Malmivaara and Ville Myllyrinne.

Shooting is expected to start in April 2014, in the island of Kos and will last three months. Some scenes will also take place on the island of Nisyros.

“Adventure in Greece” is a story of three boys who spend their summer holiday in Kos with their parents. It is a coming-of-age story that will capture the attention of all audiences. The film’s premier is scheduled for December 2014, in Finland and will be distributed worldwide.